Devli's Bell




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Game Description:
Devil’s Bell is a 2D action game with an old-school arcade feel in it.
Travel through the graveyard to the terror-infected Devil Tower, battling the undead and vampire bats to protect the world from a Devil of violence Incarnate.

Instructions :
A/D : Moves your character to the left or right.
S+A or D: Perform a dodge which consumes stamina but allows you to dodge enemies incoming attacks.
Space : Jump. Press it again in mid-air to perform a double jump.
Q/W/E : Knife attack. Mash the keys rapidly to perform a high-speed knife assault.
Archery : Point anywhere in the screen, then drag the mouse AWAY from the direction you wish to fire at (Like pulling a bowstring). Release the mouse at the desired angle.
P : Pause the game to level up your stats and skills. You gain 2 stat points per level and 1 skill point every 3 levels.
1/2/3 : Uses active hunter skill. The skills must be learned from leveling up first, and they consume stamina to use.

Game Tags:
Flash Free Game 1 Player Girl Action Adventure Fighting Magic Wizard Witch Graveyard